We have now started to work on the next edition of the summit – QS India Summit 2024 with the theme of “Empowering Excellence: Unleashing the Potential of Partnerships and Collaboration in Indian Higher Education”. This edition will bring together leaders from Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world, with a focus on forging collaboration and partnerships with India.

The summit sub-themes have been identified as:

  1. Envisioning Sustainable Futures: Unravelling G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration: This panel will explore the various facets of the recent G20 New Delhi leaders’ declaration on education and how it supports rich collaborations. It will focus on outcome-oriented strategies and the imperativeness of sustainability as a core value for future education systems.
  2. Beyond Borders: The Evolution of International Universities in India: The panel will examine the immense opportunities and learning associated with establishing international universities in India, the contributions they can bring to Indian education, and potential pathways for advancement and growth in the future.
  3. Bridging The Gap: Nurturing Industry-Academia Partnerships: This panel will discuss the importance of fostering industry-academia partnerships for bolstering real-world impact and preparing students for evolving workforce requirements. It will also explore potential avenues for improving cooperation and encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas.
  4. The Future of Learning: Micro Credentials and Skills: This panel will evaluate how micro-credentials and focus on skills development are reshaping the modern educational landscape. It will delve into the importance of these credentials in a rapidly evolving job market and discuss their potential contribution to individual and societal advancement.
  5. Innovating Interactions: Interdisciplinary Research & Education Collaboration Best Practices: The panel will showcase best practices in enabling interdisciplinary education and collaborations in research. It will highlight successful models for institutions seeking to promote interdisciplinary approaches and discuss future trends in this area.
  6. Social Impact and Community Engagement:This panel will highlight the role of partnerships in addressing societal challenges, promoting inclusive education, and fostering community engagement.
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